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"The KBM Vario guns we ordered are far superior to the original manufacturers guns. The simple design and stainless steel construction made for easy maintenance. The variable air-flow ability has made our short-shot problems a non-issue. We highly recommend KBM fill guns."

Scott Ruud - Form Systems Inc., Kansas, USA







"I have been using your fill guns for 30+ years and think that they have been very dependable fill guns. When we started our company 22 years ago we purchased the Injektorking fill guns and to date we still have every unit that was purchased in operation daily. They take a very minimal amount of maintenance and we run our production making only a very small amount of scrap with these guns. We highly recommend them and will continue using them."

Corky Groat - Texas Foam, Bastrop, Texas, USA



"We have used your fill guns for several years and will continue to use them - they are very high quality and simple to maintain - you are responsive with orders and questions - thanks for your help."

Bob Urevig - Benchmark Foam, South Dakota, USA




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