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Compactors & Densifiers

The KBM Styropactors reduce the volume of your EPS scrap

Compact and reduce your EPS waste

Have you struggled with the disposal of your EPS waste/scrap? The KBM compactors and densifiers with no installation needed reduce all types of EPS containers into low volume bricks; thus reducing the volume 30-40 times! 

KBM Styropactor showing of reduction of 300 fishboxes

Types of KBM EPS compactors:

KBM offers four different types of EPS (Styropor/Styrofoam) compactors and densifiers - suitable for your specific needs. The following four styropactors include:

  • Styropactor NANO
  • Styropactor MICRO
  • Styropactor MINI
  • Styropactor MAXI 

You can read more about each individual product on their seperate product page listed above.

Benefits of choosing KBM compactors:

  • All types of EPS containers can be compacted into low volume bricks
  • Reduces volume 30-40 times
  • Large range of machine sizes for all needs
  • Compacted bricks can be sold to extruders
  • No installation needed
  • Hardly any maintenance necessary


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