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Recycling machines

The KBM recycling plants and complementary units suitable for handling EPS / EPP / ARCEL / NEOPOR, etc.

Comparison of recycling units

Overview comparison of the KBM EPS/EPP etc. recycling units The units are compared to each other on capacit…

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Micro In-A-Box EPS/EPP Recycling machine The KBM Micro In-A-Box is a Plug & Play unit - easy to install…

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Mini In-A-Box

Mini In-A-Box EPS/EPP Recycling machine. Can run all expanded moulded bead materials: EPS/EPE/EPP/ARCEL/NEOP…

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Individual pre-crushers for flexible and fast pre-handling. StyroCrusher MAXI XL with wheels for small vol…

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Mini recycling

The KBM MINI is a complete recycling system for small and medium moulding operations. Recycles EPS/EPP/EPE/N…

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Maxi recycling

The KBM MAXI is a complete recycling system for large moulding operations.Recycle EPS/EPP/EPE/NEOPOR/ARCEL …

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Jumbo recycling

The KBM JUMBO is a complete recycling system for very large moulding operations. Recycle EPS/NEOPOR/GRAPHI…

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Dust compactors

The KBM dust compactors use little space and can run automatically. It is used to reduce the volume of dust…

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Individual de-dusting units allow you to clean the material after a granulator or pre-crusher

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KBM recycling systems transform your scrap back into reusable individual beads - ready to be brought back into production. 

The recycling systems are usable for EPS / EPE / EPP / Arcel / NEOPOR / Airpop, and similar materials. 

Benefits of choosing KBM machinery:

  • Very low dust creation
  • Separates down to the individual bead
  • Perfect de-dusting results
  • High quality units produced in Denmark



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