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Mixing units

The KBM Styromix for shape moulding & the KBM Styrometer for block moulding

The KBM Styromix offers accurate EPS/EPP mixing for shape moulders.

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The KBM Styrometer is designed for EPS block moulders and/or for EPP mixing before the pre-pressurizing tank…

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KBM Mixing units ensure an accurate mix of your recycled and new beads for your production.

The KBM Styromix is designed especially for shape moulding, while the Styrometer is designed primarily for block moulding. To see further details about our mixing units, click the respective product category above.

Benefits of choosing KBM mixing units:

  • Mix for multiple units simultaneously
  • Extremely accurate mixing of materials
  • Usable for central placement or directly at the machine



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