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Recycling machines and products

KBM's selection of recycling machinery and products for EPS/EPP etc. (Styropor/Styrofoam)
Recycling machines

Recycling units can separate your scrap back into individual beads. EPS/EPP etc.

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Reduce the volume of used EPS. All types of EPS containers can be compacted into low volume bricks

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Fill injectors

Fill injectors for all materials. Fast and easy maintenance

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Mixing units

Mixing units for EPS and EPP, etc. Featuring the KBM Styromix and Styrometer

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Antistatic fabric and filt. Top material for the silo bag is dust proof with high air permeability

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Additional products including; KBM Hollow Wall Injector and KBM Styrofiller

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KBM Products

The very first product we offered was the KBM Fill Injector for EPS. This was back in 1971 and we have continuously developed this line of products to make sure it stays one of the best of its kind in the industry. A concept that has been characteristic for our company ever since.

Recycling machines

In 1978 we began our journey into the world of recycling, and developed the first KBM recycling plant. Today we offer a variety of machinery for the purpose of efficient recycling and easy handling of waste materials, e.g. the KBM IN-A-BOX recycling machine for small quantities of EPS/EPP/EPE/ARCEL/NEOPOR or the KBM MAXI recycling system for larger quantities of the same materials.


For easy handling of EPS/EPP/EPE/ARCEL/NEOPOR waste materials, we offer the KBM Styropactors, this machine comes in many sizes depending on your amount of waste. The KBM Styropactors are ‘easy to use’ machines for compacting waste materials to lower the customer’s transportation costs.

Mixing Units

For mixing of recycled EPS beads and virgin beads, we offer the KBM Styromix for very accurate mixing or KBM Styrometer for a larger mixing. The KBM mixing units are very suitable for incorporation in the recycling systems.


To the benefit of our customers, we aim at delievering complete solutions for their recycling needs, therefore to be able to deliver a complete recycling system, we offer custom-made silos for the customer’s specific storage needs.

Other products

Additionally, we offer others product as the KBM Hollow wall Injector or KBM Styrofiller.


All products and machines are produced in Denmark and known for its innovative design along high quality insurance. Great values that both characterizes KBM ApS.

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