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Injektorking Vario

The KBM Injektorking Vario is your go-to fill injector with minimal air consumption. It comes in three different versions, suitable for your specific needs.

Injektorking Vario


By maximum setting on our injectors, air consumption is less than half of the air consumption of most other major suppliers of injectors.


  • Stepless variable adjustment of the air volume, means that you never need to introduce more air, than you need to fill the mould
  • Consequently you reduce the need for venting of the mould
  • Change tip in only 30 sec. to another diameter. Tips are available in sizes from 18-36 mm
  • Built-in "blow back on time" after closed function* to ensure a smooth production without unnecessary stops.


Vario EPS:

  • Very low-energy fill injector with adjustable air/vacuum setting
  • Enables you to optimize your energy consumption, while still having a very good filling
  • Perfect for all regular EPS moulding tasks

Vario EPS Power:

  • The fill injector designed for more demanding tasks
  • Low air consumption and even higher vacuum ensures a good filling of all difficult parts
  • Also for higher densities of EPS

Vario Turbo/Combi (T/C):

  • The fill injector for all materials and densities - EPS, EPP, Arcel, Neopor etc.
  • Same air/vacuum profile as the Vario EPS Power ensures a very good and fast filling



Designed for use with pressure filling systems, allowing optimal filling, also of thin-walled sections. 
To change all wear parts (2 seals) takes only 3 minutes per injector, and to change the U-seal, which is the only seal inside the steam chamber takes 15 seconds.

All parts are dismounted by hand without use of special tools. Quick clamp for material hose available. Standard for 22 (7/8"), 25 (1") and 32 mm (1 1/4") hoses.  



* The "Blow back on time" function: makes sure to empty the internal Injector space after closure of the tip. This function ensures that no material melts or gets stuck inside the Injector barrel in case any steam should slip into the Injector.

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The following images of variants are not a limited selection of KBM Injektorking variants, but act as a purpose of illustration. Please send us a request with your requirements for your mould.



Injektorking Vario EPS 330/50/22L25/16 (1")
Injektorking Vario EPS 330/50/22L20/16 (1")
Injektorking Vario EPS 230/50/22L25/16 (1")
  Injektorking Vario EPS 230/50/22L30/16 (1")
  Injektorking Vario EPS 330/42/23L25/16 (1")
  Injektorking Vario EPS 330/50/16L25/12 (1")
  Injektorking Vario EPS 330/50/22L30/16 (1")
  Injektorking Vario EPS 330/50/36L25/16 (1")
  Injektorking Vario EPS 430/40/26L30/16/100 (1")
  Injektorking Vario EPS 530/50/22L20/16 (1")
  Injektorking Vario EPS 530/50/22L50/16 (1")


Injektorking Vario EPS Power 430/50/24L21/18 (1")
  Injektorking Vario EPS Power 3C/330/50/24L25/20 (1")
  Injektorking Vario EPS Power 330/50/24L25/20 (1")
  Injektorking Vario EPS Power 430EXT/50/20L50/16/E200 (1")


Injektorking Vario Turbo/Combi 330/50/22L25/16 (1")
Injektorking Vario Turbo/Combi 330/50/24L21/16 (1")
  Injektorking Vario Turbo/Combi 3C/430/50/24L21/16 (1")
  Injektorking Vario Turbo/Combi 330/50/16L25/12 (1")
  Injektorking Vario Turbo/Combi 330/50/24L30/16 (1")
  Injektorking Vario Turbo/Combi 330/50/24L75/16 (1")
  Injektorking Vario Turbo/Combi 430/50/24L21/16/100 (1")
  Injektorking Vario Turbo/Combi 430/50/24L40/16/100 (1")


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Injektorking Vario variants - technical data scheme

Vario EPS

Vario EPS Power

Vario Turbo/Combi (T/C)

Fill Injector 40mm

Fill Injector 42mm



Fill Injector 42x1,5mm




Fill Injector 50mm




Plunger 12mm




Plunger 16mm 




Plunger 18mm




Plunger 20mm





The INJEKTORKING VARIO EPS is calibrated for a minimum of 60 l/min air consumption at 6 bar. This is equal to 159 Nominal l/min.
One position adjustment on the scale is equal to approx. 15 l/min

The Power and TURBO/COMBI versions are calibrated for a minimum of 100 l/min air consumption at 6 bar and a max. air consumption of 260 l/min.
Standard packing: Carton with 12 units.


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