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The KBM Micro In-A-Box is a Plug & Play unit - easy to install. It is a complete recycling system in one cabinet, you only need to connect the power and the ducting to the storage silo, then you are ready!

The Micro In-A-Box can run all expanded moulded bead materials: EPS, EPP, EPE, Graphite, Neopor, Arcel, Piocelan, Bio etc.



This machine is a complete recycling system built into one cabinet; pre-crusher, granulator, de-duster, and transport blowers, to recycle your scrap from the production. Dust is collected in a bag or optionally a dust compactor. Whole pieces are pre-crushed and granulated into individual beads, the dust is separated, the beads are conveyed to a storage silo and the extracted dust is compacted.

The Micro In-A-Box is for you...

... if you need to treat particle foam pieces, so they can be recycled back into a production of new products. Perfect for the small moulder or the moulder who has a small production of other material (or colour) that should not be mixed with the general production. 

The KBM In-A-Box units are the only systems on the market, where you have a pre-crusher / granulator, a dust separation unit, a cyclone venting, and an optional dust compactor built into one unit. This unit can be supplied with or without a dust compactor, as well as the optional external pre-crusher for high-speed pre-crushing to reduce labour costs by reducing the hours required to feed the unit. 

Due to the unique KBM design of the granulator, only 5-15% EPS dust is generated by granulating to individual beads. The very little dust generated (which is removed) and the final product can be used to mix into a production again to replace beads of new material. The very efficient dust separation ensure that there is no production stops afterwards due to problems with blocked core vents. The unique low-maintenance cyclone venting system which ensures that you have sufficient venting for a good dust separation without a lot of venting bags to clean. 

Measurements and qualities

The Micro In-A-Box unit is available in a standard version up to 30-40 Kg/M3 (2.2-2.5 lbs/cf) density and a high-density (HD) version up to 70 Kg/M3 (4.4 lbs/cf).

It can easily be moved around by a forklift or similar. Further, the outer parts can be taken off in a very short time and the recycling box can now be put in a truck or into a standard container for easy transportation. 

You can gain economical benefits from replacing new raw material with recycled beads as you gain up to 85-95% of the original value of the raw material. Using one of the KBM In-A-Box units allows for high rates of reusability. 10-20% of new material can be replaced by recycled beads in shape moulding (and even more when using a KBM Styromix), and 20-50% or even 100% in block moulding - depending on the equipment available to mould. 

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KBM Micro in-a-box recycling system

MICRO IN-A-BOX "All-in-one"-stand-alone-unit to recycle EPS (AirPop), EPP, EPE, Arcel or graphite EPS into the production of new products. 

 Micro-In-A-Box EPS/EPP Recycling machine with silo and precrusher is being demostrated

The MICRO IN-A-BOX with a storage silo above for pre-crushed material coming from the separate pre-crusher in front. For faster handling (pre-crushing) of the material. Reduces labour costs. Hopper opening: 1000x600 mm

 Micro-In-A-Box EPS/EPP Recycling machine with silo and precrusher is being demostrated

Optional dust-compactor for the MICRO IN-A-BOX recycling system


Views from different sides

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Capacity per hour EPS: 

(Standard version up to 35-40Kg/M3 EPS (2.5 Lbs/CuFt):
(Granulated and dust extracted EPS)

Granulated EPS (6mm screens): 2-3 m3 70-105 ft3
(8mm screen light EPS): 3,5-5 m3 120-175 ft3
(10mm screen light EPS): 4-6 m3 140-210 ft3


Capacity per hour EPP (High Density version): 

(Granulated and dust extracted EPP)

Screen with 5 mm holes (EPP): 20-50kg/h 44-110 lbs/h
Optional external pre-crusher 10-12 m3  350-420 ft3
Screen surface: 0.18 m2  1.8ft2
Space required (stand-alone) approx. 5 m2  52 ft2


Measurements: L x W x H

Fully mounted 2.2m x 1.9m x 3.7m 87" x 75" x 146"
Dismounted for transport 2.2m x 1.9m x 2.35m 87" x 75" x 93"
Hopper inlet height (from the floor) 1.6m 63"
Storage silo (6) 2.0m x 2.0m x 6.0m (any size available) 80" x 80" x 240" (any size available)
Size storage silo bag 2.0m x 2.0 x 4.0 m (plus 1m cone) (any size available) 80" x 80" x 160" (plus 40" cone) (any size available)
Pipe connections 160mm 6"


Hopper opening: 780x400mm (30x15")

(Values below are experienced by EPS granulated on a KBM granulator)

Re-usable EPS material after recycling min. 85-95%
Extracted EPS dust and fines  max. 5-15% 
Dust content after dust separation  max. 1% 

Electrical load (at 50Hz):

Recycling "MICRO IN-A-BOX" (standard) 11,5 Kw
Recycling "MICRO IN-A-BOX" with dust compactor 13 Kw
Recycling "MICRO IN-A-BOX" (High Density version) 14,5 Kw
Recycling "MICRO IN-A-BOX" (HD) with dust compact 16 Kw
Voltage 3x400V/50Hz, 3x480V/60Hz or other voltages


How to reuse in practice:

Use the KBM Styromix mixing unit to make a very accurate mixing directly on the moulding machine. Increases the mixed ratio possible by avoiding de mixing of new and recycled material and is very easy to operate.


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