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Individual pre-crushers secure flexible and fast pre-handling of material.


A machine to crush your problems

Crush your EPS or EPP scrap to a size of approx. 25-75 mm (1-3 inches) using the KBM pre-crushers. From all the pre-crushers the material can go into a storage silo or can be conveyed by a blower to a KBM recycling system, where the crushed material can be recycled.

All pre-crushers are designed with slowly rotating breaker arms to create a minimum of dust. As well as all KBM pre-crushers are delivered with a hopper for safety reasons. Both the MAXI and JUMBO hopper are sound insulated.

In addition to the KBM pre-crushers, we suggest our heavy particle separator to avoid wood, plastic, and other parts reach the blower. This addition is placed between the pre-crusher and the blower for pre-crushed material. 

Which pre-crusher to choose?

KBM offers three separate pre-crushers with or without a heavy parts separator:

  • StyroCrusher MAXI XL is a low-price, large pre-crusher. Ideal as a satellite-crusher placed in different locations of the plant or as a crusher for large parts for small recycling systems. Compatible with the KBM Styropactor MAXI unit.
  • MAXI pre-crusher accepts all kinds of shape- and block materials and is sufficient for most shape- and block moulders.
  • JUMBO pre-crusher is designed for pre-crushing very large quantities of scrap and/or very large shape or block parts.

The MAXI and JUMBO pre-crushers are designed to separate and collect metal parts, stones and other very heavy parts in the bottom, which may be introduced in the hopper. These heavy parts are collected in the bottom of the machine and can be removed through an easy-to-enter opening.



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StyroCrusher MAXI XL - 1400x560mm


Pre-crusher MAXI 1400x600mm


Pre-crusher JUMBO 1800x800mm

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KBM Pre-crushers:

StyroCrusher MAXI XL:
1400 x 560mm (4'8" x 1'10")
MAXI Pre-crusher:
1400 x 600mm (4'8" x 2'0")
JUMBO Pre-crusher:
1800 x 800mm (5'11" x 2'8")

The specifications for all pre-crushers are giving by running EPS 


Capacity per hour (of EPS)

StyroCrusher MAXI XL 10-12 m3/h 350-420 ft3/h
MAXI Pre-crusher 25-30 m3/h 880-1060 ft3/h
JUMBO Pre-crusher 60-100 m3/h 2100 - 3500 ft3/h

Hopper openings: L x W

StyroCrusher MAXI XL 1400mm x 560mm 4'8" x 1'10"
MAXI Pre-crusher 1400mm x 600mm  4'8" x 2'0"
JUMBO Pre-crusher 1800mm x 800mm  5'11" x 2'8"

Measurements: L x W x H (measurements are without blower)

StyroCrusher MAXI XL 2.4m x 0.9m x 1.6m 7'10" x 3'0" x 5'3"
MAXI Pre-crusher 1.9m x 0.8m x 1.8m 6'3" x 2'8" x 5'11"
JUMBO Pre-crusher 2.4m x 1.1m x 1.8m 7'11" x 3'7" x 5'11"​

Electrical load:

  Pre-crusher Blower
StyroCrusher MAXI XL 5.5 Kw 2.2 Kw
MAXI Pre-crusher 6.2 Kw (incl. built-in conveyor screw under pre-crusher) 2.2 Kw
JUMBO Pre-crusher 11.2 Kw (incl. built-in conveyor screw under pre-crusher) 5.5 Kw


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